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A collection of twisted & delightfully disgusting short comedies.


Imperfect Ten still 16.jpg

IMPERFECT 10 - everyone is self conscious about their body,  even a perfect 10.  COMING SOON!

BLOODY MARY - a room full of partiers learn 

they all share a bloody secret.

BUN IN THE OVEN - dinner guests gather to witness the birth...

of a rare delicacy.

NAILBITER - a man "toes" the line to indulge his date's bad habit.

RUFF NIGHT - an infatuated woman shares exciting news with her obedient life partner.

SUCKLEPUMP - a couple's passion for breastfeeding

defies all convention.

MALAFAFONE - an "eye-opening" tale about the damaging effects of the beauty industry.

AUTO BODY - a runner needs life-saving bowel surgery, but side effects may include extreme "exhaustion."

CHIVALRY - a lonesome man is smitten with his duplicitous dream girl.

CUPID-19 - for some people, quarantine, covid & masks are actually an aphrodisiac.

YACHTOPIA - he's adrift on a yacht in Greece with babes at his beck and call. It's just too good to be true...

GETTIN CHIGGY WIT IT - a nerdy solo traveler just wants VIP access to da club.

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