A series of twisted and delightfully disgusting short comedies written, directed & edited by yours truly.

A few are rated G, most are rated "T" (for twisted). Click at your own risk! 

Bloody Mary

A sophisticated Manhattan party takes a deviant turn after an uninvited guest shows up, pestering nearly everyone.

Part 1 of "The Fluid Trilogy" starring Magan Wiles, Lauren Miller Rogen, Trace Lysette & Martin Friedrichs.


Babies, breastfeeding, and a couple with an unusual kink.

Part 2 of "The Fluid Trilogy" starring Magan Wiles, Daniel Arnold, Joel Marsh Garland & Marisa Emma Smith.

Bun in the Oven

Janelle & Sydney are having a baby! But they have zero interest in raising it... this is just a "labor" of love.

Part 3 of "The Fluid Trilogy" starring Magan Wiles, Lauren Miller Rogen & Michaela Jaé Rodriguez.


Adrift on a yacht in Greece with babes at his beck and call. It's definitely too good to be true...

Starring Rich Parisi, DeQuaina Washington, Nicole Francois & Dani Russo.


An "eye-opening" tale about the damaging effects of the beauty industry.

Starring Lesley Shannon.

A woman is on an intimate date, seeking a harmless solution to her cannibalistic cravings.

Starring Ari Rossen & Nicole Rodenberg.


Ruff Night

A woman has exciting news for her oblivious/obedient partner.

Starring Emma Myles.


A lonesome man is smitten by his duplicitous dream girl.

Starring Bob Greenberg & Chayna Douglas.


Lines between love & loneliness are blurred during quarantine.

Starring Martin Friedrichs & Summer Moran.

Gettin Chiggy Wit It

A solo vacationer enters VIP status... in his mind.

Starring Chirag Patel.

Deep Space Dry

An intergalactic voyager has a cold-blooded solution to a hot shower. 

Starring DeQuaina Washington.

The Primate

Loneliness takes a toll on this hairy primate who lives alone on an island, devoid of all human contact.

Starring Rocky Lis & James Dayson (2013).