The lines between love & loneliness are blurred during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Silent film (1 min 44 secs) starring Martin Friedrichs & Summer Moran

Writer/Director/Editor, 2020

A woman is on an intimate date, seeking a harmless solution to her cannibalistic cravings.

Dark comedy (3 mins 30 secs) starring Ari Rossen & Nicole Rodenberg

Writer/Director/Editor, 2019


Ruff Night

A woman has exciting news for her obliviously obedient partner.

Romantic comedy (2 mins 40 secs) starring Emma Myles

Writer/Director/Editor, 2019


A gruesome, eye-opening tale about the damaging effects of the beauty industry.

Horror-comedy (2 mins) starring Lesley Shannon

Writer/Director/Editor, 2017


A lonesome man is smitten & subservient to his duplicitous dream girl.

Silent film (4 mins 40 secs) starring Bob Greenberg & Chayna Douglas

Writer/Director/Editor, 2017